The course manual is required for each class. We go through each page and fill in each section with additional information.

Two options are provided for the course manual: printed and digital.

Printed Copy

If the printed copy is selected, Law Enforcement Seminars will provide a bound copy of the course manual on the first day of class.

Digital Download

The digital download option allows the attendee two options:

  • Before arriving at the class, print and bind a copy to bring to class. The recommended way to prepare the manual is to print it off single or double sided, punch holes in the pages, and put them into a three-ring binder (paperclips do not work well to keep everything together), OR
  • Download the manual to a tablet or other electronic device for use during the class. You must be able to write on or mark up the manual during the class.

If digital download is selected, we will not provide a copy of the manual the first day of class.