Background Investigations for Police Applicants

Pittsford, Vermont - May 4-5, 2020

This course is designed for both background investigators, supervisors and human resource policy makers.

Law enforcement strives for professionalism; however, abuses by officers cast a negative light on entire organization. An examination of the past behavior of some involved officers reveals that a pattern of undesirable behavior existed prior to appointment as a police official. This behavior was unknown to the hiring agency due to inadequate or non-existent applicant screening. The integrity and ethical reputation of a police department mandates a thorough background investigation of police applicants. This course offers a systematic approach to background investigations which will assist in making informed hiring decisions.

$350.00 per attendee
Length of Course:
8AM to 5PM, Day 1
8AM to Noon, Day 2
Seminar Location:
Vermont Police Academy
317 Academy Road
Pittsford, Vermont 05763
Nearby Hotels:
Vermont Police Academy ($20/day) - Contact POC
317 Academy Road
Pittsford, Vermont 05763
(802) 483-2739

Hampton Inn
47 Farrell Road
Rutland, Vermont 05701
(802) 773-9066

Agency Contact:
Leslie S. Bodette
Vermont Police Academy
(802) 483-2739